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Uptown Salon & Spa is your destination for enhancing your natural beauty and achieving confidence, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our experienced professionals use high-quality products to offer personalized services that leave you feeling refreshed and beautiful. Book an appointment online today to experience the ultimate in self-care and pampering.



At Uptown Salon & Spa, we’re thrilled to introduce you to PicoSure® Pro—a revolutionary solution to combat the challenges of melasma and embrace clear, even-toned skin. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team make us your destination for achieving radiant results.


Discover the transformative power of Morpheus8, a breakthrough in minimally invasive skincare treatments. At Uptown Salon & Spa, we’re thrilled to offer you this innovative solution for achieving radiant, youthful skin.

Morpheus8 harnesses the science of bipolar radiofrequency (RF) tissue treatment to bring you remarkable results.


give your skin the care and attention it deserves.
Facials can help maintain the moisture of your skin, unclog your pores, and prevent and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Medical spa facials analyze your skin type to treat any skin issues, while IPL photo facials can help reduce sun spots and wrinkles.
Additionally, chemical peels can improve skin imperfections, such as acne, scarring, and fine lines, by removing the top layers of skin cells and stimulating regeneration.

With Uptown Salon & Spa’s premium beauty services, you can enhance your natural beauty and improve your overall health and wellness, to help them feel even more confident and beautiful.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Enhance your appearance and save time with our permanent makeup services. Achieve stunning, long-lasting results with microblading, powder brows, ombre brows, and lip blush tattoos. We use innovative technology, such as the RevLite laser, for skin rejuvenation and laser tattoo removal. Book your appointment online today to achieve your aesthetic desires with ease.

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our laser hair removal services. Our advanced technology ensures safe and effective treatment, with long-lasting results. Our skilled technicians are trained to work on all skin types, making sure you get the best possible experience. Book your free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you achieve silky smooth skin.


Indulge in some self-care and treat yourself to a range of spa services at Uptown Salon & Spa. From professional pedicures and manicures to rejuvenating massages, our team of experienced professionals offers a range of affordable services to help you relax and restore. With over 20 years of experience, we use natural beauty products and offer gel polish services to help you show your nails some love. So why wait? Book your appointment online now and experience a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience that will leave you feeling confident, beautiful, and relaxed.

Haircut and Colouring

Discover the ultimate in glamour and confidence at Uptown Salon & Spa! Our skilled hairdressers offer an array of services, including balayage, highlights, root touch-ups, and haircuts.

Plus, indulge in our spa services for the ultimate relaxation. We are commited to using only the latest and best products, and you can trust that you’ll leave feeling like the best version of yourself.

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we offer free consultation appointments to all of our clients, which will allow you to speak with our experienced technicians one-on-one and determine which of our services is right for you.

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